Green Cleaning To Help The Environment

January 31, 2009 by Tommy Linsley  
Filed under Sustainable Development

Green CleaningDo you know the environmental impact of the basic cleaning
supplies that you have cleaned with for most of your life?  Due
to the new Green cleaning marketing that you see everywhere,
people are learning.  While cleaning with the basic products
that we have always used, you might not realize that you may
actually be making your home a lot more toxic.  Many of the
cleaning supplies are petroleum based and the toxins that are
in them are not good for the air that you breathe and the
environment around you.

Green cleaning is an easy, basic habit you can adopt to do your part in
sustainable development.  Cleaning your home is something you do already.
So, simply changing the products that you already use to clean with really
doesn’t amount to any extra work on your part.  Imagine having a positive
without any extra work.

There are many products on the market today and so many websites that you
can visit in order to get tips and tricks on how to clean using natural
products.  It would be irresponsible to continue to use the old, toxic
products to clean because you’re actually damaging instead of helping to
save the environment.  Actually, you could be saving yourself more money
due to the fact that Green cleaning is less expensive. You can go to the
store and look for the products that have the bold word green printed on
them and read the label to see if they are green cleaning products.

Once you find these products, compare the prices of them with the prices
of the regular cleaning products that you have been using.  You will be
surprised at the difference you will save by going green. There are
probably products on the shelf that clean just as good as your basic
non-green products but you just were not informed.  Not sure which products
to use?  There is so much information on the Internet in order to tell
people that it is easy to get into Green cleaning and they should take
advantage of all the information that is available.

If you have a chance to do your part in helping to clean up the environment
and make the earth healthy again, then basic, Green cleaning is an easy way
to give you that chance. Throw away all of your non-green cleaning supplies
the correct way and research on all of the other substances you can use
that will still have the same affect in keeping your home really clean and
smelling fresh but with an extra additive called giving. By doing this,
you are giving to the environment the stability that it so desperately needs.

The following are some Green cleaning products that I know are good:

The Natural Basin, Tub and Tile Cleaner

The Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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8 Responses to “Green Cleaning To Help The Environment”
  1. Bosch says:

    That was a great blog. Most blogs are not even worth reading.

    • Hey Bosch,
      Was checking my spam comments and somehow yours got caught in there.
      Thank you for the kind words. I believe I’m doing something worthwhile here.
      Appreciation from visitors is always appreciated.


  2. ocha says:

    Green cleaning is more than just a fad, it’s here to stay. There are many health benifits and enviornmental positives as well. You have to have everybody on the bus to have an effective green cleaning program.

  3. While I was comparing blogs online, I discovered your blog - quite by accident. After reading several posts, I think this is a good blog.
    I really liked your blog!

  4. Finally! A blog that keeps things simple! I had been looking everywhere for something that would work as well as your blog does. Your blog articles are so impressive, I just had to take a moment to write and tell you about them.

  5. Mary says:

    Green cleaning is so easy and important for ones health as well as the environment’s. There are less pricey alternatives and easy recipes for homemade cleaners. Im a huge fan of diluted white vinegar for kitchen clean up. Im glad you posted this!
    Mary´s last blog ..Free Posture Remedy My ComLuv Profile

  6. Diane from Castle Rock House Cleaning says:

    I use nothing but green cleaning products for my business so I totally relate with what you are saying. I try to inform my customers the dangers of using the normal products available at the local store. Thanks for such a great article and thanks for getting the message out about green cleaning.

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