Can Renewable Energy Sources Charge Your Cell Phone?

March 14, 2009 by Tommy Linsley  
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Do you know that you can charge your cell phone with solar energy?

Yes, there is a way to charge virtually any hand-held electronic device using renewable energy sources.  It’s called a hybrid solar charger.  What makes it hybrid?  This means that even when the sun isn’t shining you can still use the charger.  Because, it also accepts power from a wall socket or even from your computer’s USB port.

So what else is so great about this solar charger?

  • It has a high-capacity internal rechargeable battery that stores power for up to one year- charge your devices anytime, day or night when you need it most.  It has solar cells to charge its internal battery.
  • You can add another cool word to your vocabulary:  eco-mobility
  • You can be part of a carbon neutral process.  The company that made my charger has an arrangement so that for every 6 units manufactured, trees are planted to offset carbons emitted during manufacturing.
  • Say you’re stuck in an airport or somewhere else without access to a wall socket.  Pull out your fully charged solar charger from your pocket or purse and charge that iPhone or Blackberry that’s out of juice.
  • Don’t worry it’s nice looking too in it’s recyclable shell.  It even comes in recyclable packaging.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering why do I seem kinda passionate about this hand-held solar charger gadget. Well, I can charge it anywhere on Earth.   I can plug into the Sun and charge through its solar panels – it’s free and Green.  I can stick it to the electric companies (at least part of the time) by not having to plug everything into the wall socket.

Solar Energy Panels

Seriously, though.  I have a better reason than that.  Keep reading ….

It certainly helped me out yesterday.  I was riding a 4-wheeler on my dad’s land yesterday, and I got reckless and flipped it over.  Kinda embarrassing, right? To make things worse, I sprained my ankle during the wreck.  I was a couple miles from the nearest person.  No problem, I always carry my cell phone just in case I need it.  This time I need it worse than usual.

What happens to a cell phone when you really need it?  You guessed it, the battery was dead!

Now being a responsible adult, of course, I always carry a small emergency bag.   Man, I was really hoping there was some aspirin or something in there. But instead I found something even better.  Inside the bag was my Solio Magnesium solar battery charger (hover link and be sure to read the Screen Tip).

I’m sure you guessed already, I plugged that thing into my cell phone so I could call for some help.

I couldn’t ride the 4-wheeler anywhere.  The handle bars got bent up just enough that the front wheels wouldn’t turn straight.   I had to call for help because I wouldn’t have gotten very far by just riding around in circles.

Luckily, my retired mother was home when I called.  She’s in a wheel chair but she’s still able to drive quite a bit, thank goodness.  So, she came to the rescue.  Aren’t mom’s grand?

Oh, the 4-wheeler.  My dad went and got the 4-wheeler later for me.   No other major damage except the bent up handle bars.  I can straighten the handle bars.  And, turns out my ankle isn’t too bad.   So I can be out riding again soon (once it warms up anyway; it sure is cold around here right now).

A little trivia.  Who else uses the Solio?

  • Our new U.S. President, Obama, like him or not, does have a Green initiative.Yes, he has a Solio, too.
  • Dr. Ian Davis, Polar Challenge says, “I have used many other solar productsin the extremes of the Arctic but never have I used one as reliable andindestructible as the Solio”.

And, here’s a review and a video I found featuring Solio:

“Solio awarded National Geographic’s ‘Best of Gear‘ “

•   “Humanitarian efforts video by Solio”

Solio goes to Uganda, Africa to support the Village Phone Program.  Click to play video:

Here are some quotes from the video and from Solio:

More than half of the world’s people rely on kerosene, dung and crop waste for lighting and energy needs. Globally, indoor air pollution from these fuels causes 1.6 million deaths from pneumonia, chronic respiratory disease and lung cancer.

At Better Energy Systems, we work to bring renewable energy into the mainstream.  We are happy you’ve joined our quest, and we congratulate you on taking a meaningful step on the path to sustainability.

Did you know…?

Over the next five years, we will import and use 2.5 billion chargers for hand-held electronics in the U.S. alone. These chargers - most of which end up in landfills - will create a total of 9 billion kilograms of CO2.  This is equivalent to the pollution created by five year’s worth of driving by 1.8 million American cars!

Replace all of your chargers with Solio!

Did you know…?

Over a twelve month period, 100,000 people charging their mobile phones would produce:

-172,500 pounds of CO2, enough to fill 6 million basketballs.

-412 pounds of sulphur dioxide (SO2) the cause of acid rain, enough to fill 3.6 million

ping pong balls. -Plug into the sun with Solio for free, clean energy!

By harnessing the power of the sun for everyday use, as opposed to getting your power from the power plants that the electric company uses, you are helping to reduce dependence on oil and gas.   A solar power charger helps make renewable technology and renewable energy accessible to everyone.

Renewable energy sources are important toward the goal of sustainable development.  That’s one reason I wanted to share with you these points about the solar battery charger.  It’s yet another way we can help the environment.   And this charger actually makes it convenient and useful to do your part to keep Earth green.

Heck, do you know anyone that doesn’t have some kind of portable, hand-held electronic device now days?  Do all your friends and colleagues a favor and get them over to this article so they can get the same benefit.   And look for the links at the bottom of this article and you can even bookmark this page to all your favorite social sites.   If you use Twitter, you can let all your followers know about this easy way to help themselves while also helping the environment.

To make it even better and cheaper for everyone, I found this coupon for you:

(10%  -Solio MAGNESIUM)

10% off on Solio Magnesium Products. Use Coupon Code SOLIOMAG

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31 Responses to “Can Renewable Energy Sources Charge Your Cell Phone?”
  1. David from SEM Labs says:

    I haven’t had a mobile in may years (that’s what we call them here in the UK), but its great to hear this kind of stuff. The manufacturers need to take this up for it to really be utilised though.

    I have often thought why do more appliances not use solar power. For example the speedometer on my bike only lasts for about 800 miles, so I am buying a new battery every 2-3 months. I am sure these could be powered by solar.

    I have just subscribed to your feed.

    David’s last blog post..Free Fluid WordPress Themes and CSS Templates

  2. Richard from Ceiling Fans says:

    i think this is great, i hope more tech like this is developed. i think these are some of the little things we can do to reduce our energy wastes.

  3. I noticed that this is not the first time you write about this topic. Why have you chosen it again?

    • Vince,

      Because it is a timely topic worth much discussion. Also, Renewable Energy happens to be one of the main topics of this site. Judging by your comment, you are a returning reader. You’re participation is much appreciated.

  4. David,

    Yes, most small to medium sized devices can be run by solar power.
    In the near future, this technology should be developed well enough
    to power larger devices too.

  5. Richard,

    I agree. Waste not; want not.

  6. Rob from organic baby clothes says:

    Solio’s are great, but they only work for a couple of months a year if you live in the UK :(

  7. Glenn says:

    Very impressive piece! Another Solio promoter and seller is where you can find the Solio Classic and H1000, and other renewable energy products, a sustainability blog and the give 10% of profits to impoverished people.

    Glenn’s last blog post..Arctic Meltdown Threatens Humanity

  8. I found to be very informative. Looks like the authour of the article has good knowledge of the subject. keep it that way.

  9. W Garden says:

    Hi Long time reader first time poster.
    Great post it helped me alot.


  10. Hi first time poster here
    That as a great template I love it

    is there anyway i can use it for my site

  11. Audrey says:

    A very nice niche blog, and a good design there sparks Simplicity yet complex algorithm of the internet. Thanks man You rock .

  12. Emma says:

    Thanks for the sharing, it would be usefull to my blog. ;)

  13. damned good post.
    hot article Heisse Amateure


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  15. Rami Fawaz says:

    If everyone just did a little bit, it would make a big difference. Its not about getting 100% from one person. Its about getting 1% from everyone.
    Rami Fawaz´s last blog ..Study: NC developing alternative energy options My ComLuv Profile

  16. Good write up, But seems just a few months is a long time in the solar device market. Since the date of the article I`ve noticed a few Solar Phones arriving on the market. So the solar charger might just have short life if we can get more green gadgets
    Home Solar Energy´s last blog ..House Lights Go Out In Europe My ComLuv Profile

  17. Carla from solar roof tiles says:

    that gadget is really nice. I say we should support these kind of technologies, more of like support the earth. The effects of global warming is significantly seen, btw I’m from the Philippines, the latest victim of a vicious storm.
    Carla@solar roof tiles´s last blog ..Solar Roof Shingles My ComLuv Profile

  18. Eco-mobility. I like that. And this is all the start of things to come. In the future mobile batteries will last for years without needing a charge.
    Mobile Recycling´s last blog ..Most Cash For Mobile Phone Recycling Sites My ComLuv Profile

  19. Jim from Classic Cars For Sale says:

    Thanks for the article…. I have been looking for a way to charge my cell phone in case of loss of electricity.. but this can be used all the time!

  20. Terry from Charlotte Real Estate says:

    Love it- how long until it works a iphone/ipod charger, and other handheld devices..
    Terry@Charlotte Real Estate´s last blog ..gateway-plaza My ComLuv Profile

    • Terry,
      Apologies, must have overlooked your comment for a few days.
      Actually, you Can charge your iPhone with the Solio.
      It has interchangeable tips. One of which is for your iPhone!
      It also has interchangeable plugs for international wall socket charging when sunlight is low or absent.
      By the way, that’s an impressive picture at GatewayPlaza

  21. sammy from sell iphone 3g says:

    well good to know that it has a high-capacity internal rechargeable battery that stores power for up to one year- charge your devices anytime,

  22. jim from mobile phone deals says:

    Well i think this is great, and i think these are some of the little things we can do to reduce our energy wastes.this can be used all the time!Thanks for the article.
    jim@mobile phone deals´s last blog ..Nokia N900 limited stock arriving Dec 21 My ComLuv Profile

  23. Daniel from Diy Solar Panels says:

    I love the whole new approach to solar powered devices. From ipods to watches and laptops. It`s fun beeing a digital nomad!


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