Which is the best hybrid car ever made so far?

November 6, 2008 by Tommy Linsley  
Filed under Hybrid Vehicles

Who can point to a hybrid vehicle and say this is the best hybrid car?
Well, if you really want to make a difference, let me tell you this is
something specialists can aim at. Just think about the competition in the
car industry. Each and every car maker has one important goal in their
range of activity, namely to create better green vehicles, and hopefully
the best hybrid car.

Several factors indicate the candidates for the title of “best hybrid car”
but with an ever changing market, chances are that the first position
will not always be occupied by the same model. Fuel consumption,
efficiency, horsepower, price of the car, design and utilities are just a
few of the criteria by which to appreciate and give a rating to a hybrid
car model.

The concern for the fuel consumption efficiency of the best hybrid car is
normal given the ever growing oil prices and the pressure put on the
environment by toxic emissions. Well, a hybrid car first and foremost aims
at reducing fuel consumption. Therefore, the best hybrid car, from this
perspective at least, should be running more on electric power than on
gas, and even when the regular engine is in function, the average gas
need must remain below that of a regular car.

No matter the engine combination, the best hybrid car should be capable
to lead to a gas consumption rate that would justify its high initial
cost. Some of the best hybrid car materializations, in this line of
thought, are Toyota Prius and Honda Civic, that have systems with high
fuel economy rates thanks to the contribution of the electric motor.

Statistically speaking, the size is another factor to differentiate
between the aspirants to the title of “best hybrid car”. Thus, you might
like to know that the best hybrid car in the small, town-use category, or
maybe the mid-size hybrid sedans are more adequate for your needs. Though
luxury hybrid cars are far more costly and difficult to maintain, there
is a special market segment they address.

The best hybrid car according to personal requirements should be chosen
by asking an expert for advice and guidance in this field of
green-oriented vehicles. Therefore, remember that equipment changes cost,
the same way the possible charging repair, and the warranty loss do.
There are other technical details that also need clarified, but that is
the expert’s part.

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13 Responses to “Which is the best hybrid car ever made so far?”
  1. Mark from BMW HID Kits says:

    I personally think hydrogen powered cars are the way of the future. Honda have produced a working solution and the rest will follow soon.

  2. People seem to be intimidated by the cost of hybrid cars. The 2010 Honda Insight hybrid is priced at $19,800 and it’s pretty much affordable for everyone. In the long run they are a lot cheaper than gas fueled cars.
    For me the Prius hybrid is the best hybrid so far.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Hybrids still need to use fossil fuels part of the time. Just waiting for technology and politics to advance to the point that we can operate without fossil fuels.

  3. I also agree hydrogen powered cars are the way forward. The Honda Insight was on Top Gear and i found it amazing in how it worked. The only problem i can see is that isn’t it hard to produce the hydrogen, which we currently have to use fossil fuels to product it?

  4. car expert says:

    hybrid cars are not really good for the environment because making the batteries and transporting them to many countries actually does more damege to the environment in the making of a hybrid than a range rover sport does in its entire life

    • Car Expert, You’ve made a good point here. Hybrid vehicles will not be the ultimate answer to our
      environmental problems. Hybrids are just a starting point. Technologies will improve.

  5. admin from london_escorts says:

    Hybrids still need to use fossil fuels part of the time. Just waiting for technology and politics to advance to the point that we can operate without fossil fuels.

  6. Tomo from Business Cards says:

    i still be on prius though

  7. Prius Fan says:

    For me the Prius is the original an the best of the production hybrids. Fingers crossed that Toyota will continue to increase it’s hybrid development budget because they have the ability to produce amazing quality vehicles with a reasonable price.
    Prius Fan´s last blog .. My ComLuv Profile

  8. HID says:

    I would say the Prius is the best bet for the moment, but I feel like once the Chevy Volt is released (might not consider it a hybird since it’s a electric). For the time being, the Prius shows that’s is the best with both sales and price.

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