Hybrid Engine

November 14, 2008 by Tommy Linsley  
Filed under Hybrid Vehicles

How well known is a hybrid engine? What are the working principles of a
hybrid engine? The hybrid engine is commonly understood as an engine with
two alternative sources of energy: thus, on the one hand there is the gas
part and on the other, there is an electrical battery that works together
with the gas system. Through this hybridization, the result is lower
pollution due to the electric element and the high power output of the
gas engine.

The thing that remains undeniable about the variety of hybrid engine
models is that there are as many of them as there are hybrid cars.
Taken individually a hybrid engine is designed as to enable the gas
engine and the electric motor to connect to the drive train so as to
power the vehicle and make it move.

How does the hybrid engine work? The technical features on which any
hybrid engine functions is quite simple. The hybrid engine works as
follows: there is a combined effort of the gas engine and the brakes
with the aim to recharge the battery of the electric motor; thus the
charging necessity misses, as it would be the case with an electric only
motor. When the brakes are pressed, some of the energy otherwise used to
stop the car, is collected by the restorative brakes in the electric

In the case of a typical full hybrid engine, the electric motor will take
control while the vehicle is cruising, when it stops or when you
accelerate it slowly. When extra energy or power is necessary, it is the
gas engine’s turn to interfere to give the expected acceleration. In
the case of the hybrid engine,we will achieve higher mpg than in the
gas-only vehicles by letting the electric motor to take over.

The fact that most of the energy is renewed, and to a certain extent
saved when the vehicle is stopped or slowed down, proves the superiority
of hybrid vehicles in regular city use. Unlike what happens due to hybrid
engine vehicles, for the gas-only engine cars, driving is more fuel
efficient when racing at higher speeds, out of the city. The hybrid
engine vehicles not only eliminate the need to plug in, but they have
also increased the range of technical possibilities. One gets to protect
the environment while still taking advantage of all the horsepower of a
great car. We could truly say that the making of the hybrid engine
represents the first step towards going totally green.

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4 Responses to “Hybrid Engine”
  1. Yes! Hybrid engines are the future. The more quickly embedded in our daily lives, the more clear will be our planet.
    Unfortunately, the big oil companies suspended production serial hybrid car engines

    solar investment’s last blog post..Solar Water Heaters - An Effective Approach

    • I agree. Once the use of alternative energy becomes ingrained in our cultures and societies, our planet will benefit greatly. I would think the oil companies like suspending hybrid engines. The internal combustion engine has been outdated for years. Of course, “Big Oil” has too much money on the line to just let go without a fight.

      But, I will give the oil companies a little credit. They do take advantage of solar energy when they can. It is an increasing practice for oil companies use solar panels to power some small processes. That doesn’t make up for all the other damage they do, but it’s a start. I grew up in the middle of a large petroleum formation. I have seen the damage oil production causes.

      Coming soon, we will have a photo series concerning the oil industry related damage caused on one West Texas ranch.

  2. Vegan says:

    Hybrid engines certainly help to overcome the shortcomings of electric only vehicles. If only the price of them would come down and the production rates go up so that more people could get one.

  3. Hybrid engines are working great and people are opting for hybrid vehicles. I think this technology has number of benefits like it is fuel efficient, so it is economical in long run. The best feature of these Hybrid engines are that they are environmental friendly.
    Chevrolet Silverado´s last blog ..An American Hybrid Pickup Truck My ComLuv Profile

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