Hybrid Electric Vehicles

November 12, 2008 by Tommy Linsley  
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Hybrid electric vehicles are automobiles which make use of a combination
of conventional propulsion systems and rechargeable energy storage
systems (RESS). The manufacturing of such a mixed engine system is
justified by the efficiency in terms of fuel consume, in comparison
with regular cars. Moreover hybrid electric vehicles incorporate
propulsion systems in addition to the electric motors, in order not
to be hampered by charging units the way it happens with battery
electric vehicles (BEVs).

Modern times have seen the mass production of hybrid electric vehicles
coming from a number of well known car manufacturers. The reasons why
many car producers jump on the green bandwagon are varied. Whether there
is a genuine interest in saving energy and not using the planet’s
valuable energy sources, or a smart and “caring” way to attract buyers
and thus sell more cars, one cannot be certain.

There are three main ways that allow current hybrid electric vehicles to
reduce gas consume. First, they lower the amount of wasted energy during
idle or low input (turning off the ICE); secondly, they collect waste
energy (regenerative braking), and thirdly, they reduce the size and
power of the ICE and inefficiencies generated by under-utilization.

The batteries that supply the electric motor get charged when you drive
around, thus preventing the input necessities. Some hybrid electrical
vehicles designs depend on the use of an electric generator that is spun
by the engine and allows the recharging of the battery. The majority of
hybrid electric cars can now cut out the toxic emissions that are exhaled
during the idle or restart modes of the engine. The engines of the hybrid
electric vehicles are smaller than those of non-hybrid petroleum fuel
vehicles. These engines may function at various speeds, thus generating
more efficiency.

The design of the hybrid electric vehicles became a duty for manufacturers
since the 90’s when Honda and Toyota launched their first green models.
Even since the beginnings of hybrid electric vehicles they have become
widely available to the buyers. The future of hybrid electric vehicles is
definitely positive, and this is the forecast by some car makers who
label hybrid electric vehicles a core segment of the automotive market of
the future.

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2 Responses to “Hybrid Electric Vehicles”
  1. Max from Toyota says:

    I remember back when these hybrid vehicles first came out. No one was really buying them as they were expensive and new technology, but as gas prices rose and the need to go green got larger, more and more people have started buying them.

    • Max, I agree. New technology is always expensive at first. Hybrids are being accepted and accessible. Hopefully soon, we can move away from anything that uses fossil fuel.

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