Could Twitter Get Any Bigger With $35 million in new VC funding?

February 15, 2009 by Tommy Linsley  
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You know that Twitter isn’t exactly a direct influence on Green Issues.  But, there are lots of users on Twitter that are involved in the Sustainable Development movement to varying degrees.
Friends are at Twitter
But, do you think a turbo-fast growing social haven with fresh infusions of venture capital can be a forum for Earth-conscious users?  The answer is a big, yes.

I use Twitter for letting people know about recent posts to this site.  My followers see the post, they let their followers know about the post, those people tell others, the cycle can go on and on.  So, yes, you can also use your Twitter account to educate others about topics such as: climate change, alternative energy, green power, etc.

Their service is a very useful, warm, inviting environment.  It’s more personal than a lot of the other social sites.  It’s almost like texting on your cell phone to all of your friends and colleagues at once.  Twitter keeps things quick, simple and friendly.  If you aren’t a user already, get started by looking at and see for yourself the warm nature involved.  Next step:  start using the service today.

Twitter keeps getting bigger.  I don’t think I know anyone that’s not on Twitter.  If you’re not a user, you should really consider getting in.  Actually, not only can you find others that share your views, but it’s also a great place to develop a relationship with potential customers for your business.

Basically, it is a great place to develop relationships.  This is the key point to remember about Twitter.

* See the link below to find out more about Twitter’s latest growth opportunity. *

Tweet this: Twitter rakes in $35 million in new VC funding - San Jose Mercury News.

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